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16 May 2007


A couple of teams stave off elimination once again.

The Sabres won't go away so easily, defeating the Sens so they wouldn't have to go play golf in Buffalo. Hey, I wouldn't want to play golf in Buffalo either.

J-Kidd wills the Nets to another victory, and Bron-bron's boys look pretty pathetic, with Lebron himself doing almost all the heavy lifting (which wasn't much, they didn't play especially well).

The Suns unfortunately snatched defeat from the jaws of victory - they should have had that game against the Spurs, and don't think I didn't see them start mugging Nash after the half. Bowen's a thug - he's a grittier Shane Battier (Battier isn't quite a thug because instead of fouling, he likes to take charges. A bit lame, but hardly dirty...).

Oh, and Ginobli? This dude shouldn't be playing basketball, he's a menace to himself and everyone around him. For those who say he's a hustle player, I say Joachim Noah is a hustle player - rebounds and blocks.

For those who say he's an incredible threat off the bench, I say Barbossa or Ben Gordon are. After all, they have the hardware, don't they?

For those who say he's a borderline All-Star, I say so was Wally Sczerbiak, once upon a time. So was Jamal Mashburn. I don't even know who the latter person is...

Ginobli is a walking walk, a double dribble in waiting, a traveling fleet of elbows. He flops more than a fish out of water, and complains more than me in hot weather. In short, he's a soccer player.